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how does the elesol plates work ?

case study danish private household


8 – 16.5 % savings


This particular customer installed one elesol plate in his private house end of August 2018. After 9 months the average saving was measured to  8%. However, during January the customer installed an electrical heater in his wood workshop – which was not the case the year before – with the result of an extra 301 kW used. If we neutralize this extraordinary usage the average saving is then 16,5 %.


elesol case study DK | elesol nordic


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How much can I reduce?

You can expect an average of 10% reduction effect.

Are there any energy-saving products like elesol on the market?

There are products like LEDs, electronic breakers, new power companies, demand controllers, geothermal and heat utilization systems. However, those products incur time and high costs in capital expenditures. ELESOL is a product that can deliver it with less cost.

How long can I use the ELESOL plate?

The ELESOL plate can be used indefinitely. This is because it does not use electrical equipment or machines.

Will the ELESOL plate affect my electrical equipment ?

The ELESOL plate does not affect the electricity negatively at all so it will not damage the breaker or other machines.

I use LEDs on my property can I expect any further reduction?

Yes, LEDs users, companies that have changed their lights to LEDs and even used other energy saving systems can still expect a reduction.

Does the ELESOL plate affect the voltage?

There is no impact on the voltage or the electrical circuit.

Can I confirm if there has been a decrease in electricity consumption?

Shortly after the ELESOL plate has been installed (2-4 days), you can compare and verify the results against the previous months and years consumption.

How do I set up the ELESOL plate?

Our professional staff will set it up for you or your internal electrician can be instructed by our staff on how to install the ELESOL plate.

How to install the elesol plates

The elesol plate is generally being pasted on the cables just after the main breaker and just after any sub breaker thereafter if any. The installation generally does not require any shut down of electricity. In some cases – for safety reasons – power off can be required. Our professional staff can help you with the installation or guide your local electrician if necessary. Alternatively, you can follow our installation guide.

Main breaker before installation.

Main breaker before installation of the elesol plate | elesol nordic

Main breaker after installation.

After installation of the elesol plate | elesol nordic

Make your contribution to lowering the Carbon Dioxide Submission today by installing the elesol power saving plate! It is never too late!

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